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 High Court  Enforcement 

Welcome to Turner Clifford, the UK's choice for Debt Collection services

Fabulous team to work with. Great communication, do the job brilliantly & they've been a huge help to our business. Can't recommend enough.

High Court Enforcement Services
Recover Your Debts  

 Increase Collections 

Are you being ignored by a company who owes you money? Have negotiations broken down or are they simply refusing to pay? Our High Court Enforcement services can help boost your chances of recovery. We help companies like yours obtain & enforce court orders to recover debts quickly & efficiently. 

 Improve Cashflow 

No matter how big your company is, not being paid for the products & services you provide can seriously restrict your ability to meet your obligations when they fall due. Occasionally there is little option available other than to consider taking further legal & recovery actions to protect your business and secure its cashflow. 

 No Win No Fee 

All of our recovery actions are undertaken on a no win, no fee basis. Other than the fixed costs involved in obtaining & transferring up a CCJ to our High Court Enforcement partners, you will only be charged the agreed commission upon successful recovery. Where possible, we apply fixed legal costs & our costs of recovery to the debt owed, ensuring that these are paid for by your debtor.  

 Protect Your Brand 

Partnering with the wrong High Court Enforcement team can have serious implications on your business. Our High Court Enforcement partners approach each case with empathy, tact, and a commitment to finding mutually beneficial solutions. They place protecting your brand above all else, which is why we have some of the best recovery rates in the business. 

We Recover What's Owed  For You 

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