Pre-Enforcement Asset Check - UK


Are you considering legal action, but unsure whether or not your debtor has sufficient assets to make it worthwhile? Or do you need a full breakdown of your debtors assets in order to ensure that any enforcement action has the best possible chance of success?


Our pre-enforcement asset check provides you with all of the relevant information in order to make an informed decision on the best course of action.  


How It Works

The pre-enforcement check is used by creditors to determine the next steps in regards to enforcement. By identifying your debtors key assets and liabilities, you provide a bailiff or High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO) with the best possible chance of success. 


This report will identify key financial information (where available) ensuring that the correct methods of enforcement can be chosen. Our investigation partners will undertake 4 hours of research time in order to provide the most comprehensive profiling of your subject as possible. 


What You Recieve

  • Confirm and validate current address*
  • Confirms correct debtors address to enforce against*
  • Picture of the subject to avoid denied at door status*
  • Other residents at the property information*
  • Open-source intelligence used to obtain information about key assets such as motor vehicles*
  • Lifestyle checks to identify high-value assets*
  • Confirms financial status*
  • Current & past directorships*
  • Employment information*
  • Property ownership*
  • Estimated property value*
  • Disqualified directors search*
  • Insolvency register searches*
  • CCJ search*
  • Company financials*

This fee is per case and not subject to any refunds. 

What We Need


  • Full name
  • Partners name (if known)
  • Last known address
  • Date of birth (if known)
  • Any further infortmation available


Please put all of this information in the notes section in your shopping cart before checkout. We will reach out to you seperately via email in case we need any further information.


Our Success Rate


Our tracing reports have a 98% success rate in the UK.


How Fast Can A Trace Be Completed?


Results in 7 days guaranteed





* Where available. Our investigation partners search all of the data sources available to them and report on their findings but cannot guarantee the provision of all pre-enforcement check report features. All pre-enforcement reports are limited to 3 property ownership searches for England & Wales. All pre-enforcement reports are fee per case and are charged to investigate each matter. Enquiries are undertaken via telephone, professional & public access databases, public domain information sources, Credit reference agency datasets, discreet investigations. Reports depend if the information is obtainable from the avilavble datasets. 

*Subject to terms of service - all background & pre-litigation reports are supplied in best of faith but we do not guarantee that the report is a true reflection of a subjects actual full status or complete ownership of assets. We only provide sourced asset information and supporting data from our partners investigations. See terms of service for full details.


Pre-Enforcement Asset Check - UK

VAT Included