Find All Properties Owned - UK


Do you want to know the details of all properties owned in the UK by your debtor? This information can be extremely useful when it comes to deciding whether a charging order against a property is your best option.


Turner Clifford's expert property tracing service will source all properties owned in the UK by the named subject, what they paid for it, and if there’s a mortgage on it.


How It Works

Our Tracing experts compile their reports using all of the data sources they have available and report on their findings. This fee is per case, and not subject to any refunds. 

What We Need


  • Full name
  • Current address
  • Any further infortmation available


Please put all of this information in the notes section in your shopping cart before checkout. We will reach out to you seperately via email in case we need any further information. 


How Fast Can A Trace Be Completed? 


Delivery of this report is up to 7 days. 


Find All Properties Owned - UK

VAT Included