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At Turner Clifford, we know just how important it is for you to see the full picture. Collecting your debts can be a challenge at the best of times; even more so when your customer has disappeared or if you are unclear on their financial position. 

We have worked hard on bringing our customers a selection of industry leading tracing & financial reports, providing the information you need at the click of a button. 

Whether you need to locate a new address for an absconded customer, details on a Director to enforce a personal guarantee or to locate assets in order to consider further legal action - we have everything covered. We also provide company credit checks & CCJ reports so that you can be sure to set your credit terms correctly for any new or potential customers. 

Our address tracing services are undertaken on a no trace, no fee basis, ensuring that you only pay for results. We also offer a free 14 day recheck guarantee on our standard address tracing services in the event that you need the supplied information re-verified. 

Contact us today and find out about how we can get to work for you. 

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